Welcome to our GOVERNOR HUB! We will tell you who are Governors are, what their role is and how they work hard to support and challenge the school to ensure that we have every child’s best interests at heart! We’ll also have links to key information that helps us to evaluate the school’s performance against national standards and how we monitor and evaluate the work of school leaders.

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The Aims of Springvale Primary School 2017

Springvale Primary School Ofsted Report Final

Ofsted cover letter

Springvale Primary Pupil Premium Review 2019-20

SPRINGVALE Evidencing-the-Impact-of-the-Primary-PE-and-Sport-Premium-Template-2020

SDP-2018-19 Reviewed End of 2019-20 cycle

Evaluation and Development Overview Jan 2020


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Governance (R is Resources and A/L is Achievement and Learning)

Governor Additional responsibilities Subject link/leader link
Kristianne Thorogood- A/L and Pay Chair of Governors/fundraising/communication Literacy- Rhia Fearn/D Royston/C Honey
Claire Throssell- A/L and Pay Vice-Chair/Safeguarding/SEND Music/Faith- R Andrew
Richard Fletcher- R Chair of Finance, FSVS/Risk Management Computing- Tristan Venus
Helen Turner- R Community/parent voice EYFS- B Parr
Andrew Noble- R Sports funding and provision PE and Sport- N Exley
Derek Cliffe- R Health and Safety Science- J Alderson/L Wildsmith
Nick Perry- A/L Maths and Pupil Premium Maths- R Mayston and N Evans
Nic Exley- A/L Staff Voice MfL- H Kelly
Ian France- A/L HT appraisal/data analysis Humanities- R Henstock
Malcolm Parker- A/L Chair of A/L group/HT appraisal/policy QA Art/DT- R Tomlinson
Claire Throssell- A/L and Pay Safeguarding/SEND Music/Faith- R Andrew
Lynsey Waring- R and Pay Human Resources PHSE/Wellbeing- L McClure