Springvale FC

Welcome to our Springvale FC page.  Here we will give you our latest news on results, fixtures and star players!

We are passionate about coaching football for all ages, all abilities and both boys and girls.

We have lots of teams to cover all ages and abilities as we believe that sport should be accessible to all. We also want to encourage our best to play to progress a high standard through competitive action and quality coaching.  Most importantly; sport should be fun so we will always ensure that the children play as a team and with a smile on their face!




Friday 15th December (Mapplewell Primary) Y5/6 Mixed- Team Activ League (H)

League Fixtures TBC: Penistone St John and Shawlands




Mixed KS2 Defeats to Burton Road (H) 8-0 and 8-0

Mixed Y4-6 Defeats to Penistone St John (H) 5-0 and 3-2


Girls Y5/6 Defeats to PSJ (4-0) and Hoylandswaine (2-0) (N)

Girls Y5/6 Victory against Silkstone (N) 1-0

Boys Y5/6 Victory over Silkstone (N) 1-0

Boys Y5/6 Defeat to Penistone St John (N) 1-0

Boys Y5/6 Victory over Millhouse (N) 1-0


Boys Y5/6 Drew 1-1 with Holy Rood (N)

Boys Y5/6 Drew 0-0 with Burton Road (N)

Boys Y5/6 Defeat to Shawlands (N) 2-0

Girls KS2 Victory against Holy Rood (H) 6-0

Mixed Y5/6 Team Activ League: Victory against Holy Rood (H) 6-1

Y3-5 Development Game: Defeat against Holy Rood (H) 9-2

Mixed Y5/6 Team Activ League: Victory against Churchfield B (H) 17-2

Y3-5 Development Game: Defeat against Churchfield B (H) 5-3


Boys Y4-6 lost to Silkstone Y6 (1-2 defeat) (H)

Girls KS2 lost to Silkstone Y5/6 (0-3 defeat) (H)


Current Star Players:

Y6- Max M

Y5- Joe B

Y4- Liam D

Y3- Jorja F



Mr L Crossfield (1st Team)

Mr L McClure (Development Teams)

Mrs E Stead (Girls’ Team)

Mr J Swallow Gaunt (Goalkeeper Coach)


Top Scorers (All fixtures)

Robert H (Y6) 9

Noah T (Y4) 5

Holly S (Y5) 5

Max M (Y6) 4

Kian C (Y5) 4

Diaren (Y6) 2

Fleur P (Y6) 2

Alex W (Y4) 1

Joseph B (Y5) 1

Liam D (Y4) 1

Gracie E (1)