Curriculum Coverage

Computing Curriculum Intent


For more information please contact our Computing/ICT lead…Mr T Venus!


At Springvale Primary School, we aim to integrate Computing throughout the wider curriculum as well as teaching specific Computing skills discretely. We intend to provide our children with the skills they will need in secondary school and adult life.

The Computing curriculum is divided into three key strands:

  • E-Safety
  • Computer Users
  • Computer Programmers


As our children live in an increasingly on-line world, we aim to give them the skills and knowledge they need to make the most of what’s available to them, while being safe and respectful to each other.

Computer Users

This strand focuses on the day-to-day use of a computer and are many of the skills children will need in most jobs when they are older. This knowledge and skills range from using a mouse and keyboard in Foundation Stage to using programs such as Excel and Publisher in Key Stage 2.

Computer Programmers

This strand focuses on developing children’s logical thinking skills, algorithm writing and knowledge of coding in a range of programmes and formats. This can be taught ‘unplugged’ (without computers) or on platforms such as Scratch or

Useful Websites



Computer Users

Mouse control (KS1 and FS)

Typing games (all ages)


Computer Programmers

Scratch (KS2)

For KS1, you can download Scratch Junior onto your tablet for free. (KS2) Minecraft and Flappy Code in the ‘Hour of Code’ section of this website: