Welcome to our page for the Parent Council!

Our Parent Council are in regular communication with the School’s leadership team offering constructive criticism about school policy, systems, communication and events. We pride ourselves on being a ‘listening school’ who take an active role in forging superb links with children and their families.


Meet the Parent Council!

Kristianne Thorogood- Link to GB (Children in Y6/Y2)

Tracey Beaumont- Also staff (Child in Y6)

Gina Robinson (Child in Y6)

Helen Turner- Also staff (Child in Y3)

Lynsey Waring (Children in Y5/Y3)

Michelle Johnson (Children in Y6/Y4)

(We will soon seel added voice from F1-Y1 families)


We will meet formally or online at key times of te year. We also email regularly and I seek feedback on a range of subjects each term.

We are always open to new members joining the group…please email Mr McClure or catch one of the parents listed above if you are interested!

Just like our School Council system…if you have some feedback that isn’t urgent or about your own child specifically then feel free to share it with your Parent Council rep(s) or email our School Office.