Springvale Primary

Staffing 2022-23

Teachers Leadership Area Support Non-teaching
F2- C Honey (0.55)

B Parr (0.55)



S Slack

C Palfreyman


H Kelly: MfL and H/S (0.9)


TA roles:

H Turner- SALT and phonics


Sports Coach:

Chris Schofield (0.3)


Emma Chapman:

Finance Officer


Caroline Ridgwick:

Administrative Officer


SMSA Team:

Lead- S Andrews

S Hamilton

T Beaumont

R Hull

G Andrews


Premises: Kerry Houghland


Kitchen and Cleaning Leads: Sarah Gibson/Tracey Beaumont


Amanda Kent- wellbeing lead TA and Val Cortese- School Counsellor

F2- N Exley

(PPA H Kelly)

PE Lead


L Armitage
Y1- Debbie Royston

(PPA R Tomlinson)

Early Literacy/phonics


P Lowe


Y2- N Evans

(PPA R Andrew)


Maths co-lead


J Northrop

R Ratcliffe (SEND- AM)

Y3- T Venus

(PPA R Andrew)


Computing/DT R Roebuck(AM)


Y4- L Wildsmith

(PPA R Andrew)

Wellbeing A Beresford (AM)

G Haigh (SEND- AM)

Y5- J Alderson

(PPA- H Kelly)


Science A Kent (AM) Wellbeing TA

E Cliffe (SEND)

Y6- R Mayston

(PPA- R Henstock 0.6)


Maths- co lead

Humanities leader and School Led Tutor

J Gale (Cover Supervisor) 0.8
Senior Leadership Team
Lee McClure- Headteacher (Vision, DSL, Evaluation, Communication, Governor, wellbeing lead)

Rhia Fearn- Deputy Headteacher (SENDCo, KS2 Literacy, DDSL, Environment, Educational Visits)

Nic Evans (Assessment lead and Mathematics co-lead, DSL trained)

Debbie Royston (Lower School Literacy and Y2)

Becky Parr (EYFS lead)

Rachael Mayston (Mathematics co-lead and Y6)

Shared responsibility- Teaching and Learning Standards/Curriculum

PPA Cover Teachers

Bex Andrew (0.4)- Faith/Music                  Rebecca Tomlinson (0.2)- Art