Our Governors meet regularly and many visit school during the day to support the work of school leaders or to help in class, during visits or at special events. Two of our Governors are linked directly to the Parent Council, a further group of representative parents, who provide vital, regular and constructive feedback to school leaders.

We have 12 Governors at present:

Mrs K Thorogood- Chair of Governors

Miss C Throssell- Vice-Chair and Safeguarding Governor

Mr L McClure- Headteacher

Miss J Alderson- Staff Governor

Mr N Perry

Mr D Cliffe

Mr W Chadburn

Mrs E Kent

Mr A Noble

Mrs L Robinson

Mrs K Townrow

Mrs A Burton


Clerk to the Governors- Miss E Chapman

Clerk to LA Governor Meetings- Mrs Denise Barber


Governor Attendance 2021/22 (Virtual and face-to-face meetings)

Achievement and Learning Committee: 80%

Pay Committee: 80%

Resources Committee: 92%

FGB/LA Meetings: 87%



Governance (R is Resources and A/L is Achievement and Learning)

Governor Additional responsibilities Subject link/leader link
Kristianne Thorogood- R, A/L and Pay Chair/HT PMR Literacy- R Fearn/D Royston/C Honey
Claire Throssell- A/L and Pay Vice-Chair/Safeguarding/SEND Music/Faith- R Andrew
Nick Perry- A/L Pupil Premium Computing/DT- Tristan Venus
Anita Burton- A/L Attendance and welfare Humanities- R Henstock
Derek Cliffe- R Health and Safety Science- J Alderson
Jackie Alderson (Staff Governor)- A/L Staff Wellbeing MfL- H Kelly
Andrew Noble- A/L PE sport/clubs/HT PMR PE- Nic Exley
Wayne Chadburn- A/L Outcomes Maths- N Evans/R Mayston
Emmaline Kent- R and Pay Online Safety Wellbeing- L Wildsmith
Kate Townrow- R Parent voice Art- R Tomlinson
Lucy Robinson- A/L EYFS EYFS- B Parr