Events- Summer 2


Monday 21st June- Y5 at Scarborough 7.30am to 5.30pm

Tuesday 22nd June- Y3 Online parental appointments (12.30-6pm)

Wednesday 23rd June- Y6 PGS transition day (2)

Wednesday 23rd June- Online Safety Day

Thursday evening: ‘The Big Babysit event’ for Macmillan and bake sale- see emails

Friday 25th June- INSET Day- no pupils in school

Parents’ Evening Appointments F1, Y1, Y2, Y4, Y6 all day (10.30am to 5pm)


Monday 28th– Y6 at PGS transition day (3)

Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th – Y6 special relationships learning

Tuesday 29th June:

Sports Day Y1 9.15-10.15, Y2 10.45-11.45, F1 12.45-1.45, F2 2-3

Wednesday 30th – F2/Y5 Parents’ Evening Appointments 1.30-7.30pm

Thursday 1st July:

Sports Day Y3 9.15-10.15, Y4 10.45-11.45, Y5 12.45-1.45, Y6 2-3

Thursday 1st July AM- Y6 Jobs Fair

Friday 2nd July Y6 in Scarborough

Friday 2nd July Y6 sleepover at school pick up Saturday at 9am

Sunday 4th July- 11am to 2pm Cricket Fundraiser- Springvale XI v Penistone XI (players required!)

FINAL NTP sessions this week

Tuesday 6th July and Thursday 8th July- Transition Days (2 mornings with new teacher)

Tuesday 6th Y6 party on the field lunch and PM

Zoom meetings for parent with new teacher:

Tuesday 6th 5-6pm Y1-3 and Thursday 8th 5-6pm Y4-6

Friday 9th – Dress Down (bright colours) for Cystic Fibrosis and family donation

Wednesday 14th July- Outdoor Discos- EYFS/KS1 3-4.30pm and KS2 5-6.30pm (Just Y6 disco if poor weather and class discos in PM)

Thursday 15th – Y6 Production/Leavers’ Assembly (10am morning show and evening show at 5pm followed by parent v pupil/staff football 6-7pm)

Friday 16th – Y6 v Staff Rounders and shirt signing

Friday 16th– School closes for Summer

Upcoming holiday dates 2020-22 (include INSET days):

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