Key Events 2021-22

Autumn 2 Diary Dates

Tuesday 30th November: DT Day for Y2 (AM) and half of F2 (PM)

Thursday 2nd December: Christmas Jumper Day for Y6 (filming Christmas song/message)

Friday 3rd December: Christmas Jumper Day F1-Y5 (filming Christmas song/message)

Thursday 9th December: Gaming Day in Y1 and Y2 (new board games, social skills)

Thursday 9th December: KS2 Cinema visit (Christmas Treat) AM

Thursday 9th December: Prospective Parents Tour (6-7pm)

Friday 10th December: Launch of Christmas Video at 7pm

Sunday 12th December: Y5/6 optional Christmas visit (times and costs on letters and emails)

Monday 13th December: Y1-6 Pantomime Day 1.45-3pm (school hall)

Party week: can wear party clothes on their day…Y1/2 Monday 13th AM, F2 Tuesday 14th AM, Y3/4 Tuesday PM, Nursery Wednesday 15th AM, Y5/6 Wednesday 15th PM

Thursday 16th December: Christmas Dinner Day (Christmas Jumper Day- whole school)

Friday 17th December: F1-Y2 at Cinema visit (Christmas Treat) AM

Friday 17th December: Break up for Christmas, Bank Holiday on Monday 3rd January 2022 and INSET on Tuesday 4th January 2022. Return on Wednesday 5th January 2022.


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