The school day is organised as follows:

AM Nursery: Open at 8.30am and closes at 11.30am

PM Nursery: Open at 12.30pm and closes at 3.30pm

30 hours provision pupils can stay through lunch and leave at 2.30pm or stay until 3.30pm and pay for the final hour of the day.



School opens at 8.45am

Doors close at 8.50am and register taken shortly afterwards

Morning Session 1: 9am to 10.30am

Assembly: 10.30am

Playtime 10.50am

Morning Session 2: 11.05 to 12.15 (F2-Y2) or 11.05 to 12.30 (Y3-Y6)

Lunchtime 12.15/12.30 to 1.30pm

Afternoon Session 1.30-3.15pm

(KS1 Playtime 2.30-2.45pm)

F2 Collection 3.10-3.15pm

Home time at 3.15pm

Several clubs begin at 3.15pm



Monday- Steps to Success and School Ethos (Mr McClure- Head)

Tuesday- Pastoral (Mrs Walker- Pastoral Lead or Mr McClure- Head)

Wednesday- Spanish or Music (Mrs Andrew- Music Leader and/or Mr McClure- Head)

Thursday- Literacy (Mrs Fearn- Deputy Head)

Friday- Star of the Week Celebration (Mr McClure- Head)