We are developing our subject leader roles in school and all newly appointed leaders are reviewing their subject’s curriculum.

Progression documents demonstrating the whole school pathway:

Progression in writing composition

Progression in writing transcription

Progression in writing vocabulary grammar and punctuation

A summary of the curriculum for writing and grammar is listed below:

Writing, Spelling, SPAG assessment support!

https://www.pobble365.com/ is a great website to use alongside your writing. There is a new creative image to explore and write about every day!

Punctuation support:

Punctuation pathway year 1

Punctuation pathway year 2

Punctuation pathway year 3

Punctuation pathway year 4

Punctuation pathway year 5

Punctuation pathway year 6

Spelling Support:

Useful Tips to Help with Spelling ks1

Useful Tips to Help with Spelling ks2

Writing Support:

Yr 1 KPI targets

Yr 2 KPI targets

Yr 3 KPI targets

y 4 KPI statements

Y 5 KPI Targets

Yr 6 KPI targets

If you would like more information in the interim period please email l.mcclure@springvaleprimary.org