Letters Home

Welcome to our ‘Letters Home’ section where you will find a copy of all formal school communication in reverse chronological order, if you can’t find what you are looking for please just contact our School Office for a copy.


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Football Reward Visit SWFC- CONFIRMED

Springvale Week 17 Newsletter

ASC Timetable and Letter Spring 2018

Bruce Dyer Monday Club

Create Club F2-Y3 Monday Spring Term

Create Club Y1-2 Thursday Spring Term

Archery Club

Fencing Club

Penistone CC letter

Bruce Dyer Multi-Sports Breakfast Club

Learning Journal Week 16 to 17

Springvale week 16 newsletter

Springvale Week 15 Newsletter

Purple Mash

Springvale Week 14 Newsletter

Football Letter Y5/6 v Mapplewell

PGS decision letter

Learning Journal Week 13 to 15

Springvale Week 13 Newsletter

Christmas Performance Ticket Request 2017

Football Letter- Silkstone (H)

Springvale Week 12 Newsletter

Choir Service/Events

Christmas Menu Poster

Springvale week 11 newsletter

Learning Journal Week 11 and 12

Springvale FC Report

Lights on Bikes Letter Springvale 24.11.17

Springvale week 10 newsletter

local visit letter

Home School Agreement

Out of hours club

School Admissions Talk 2017

Springvale week 9 newsletter

Learning Journal Week 9 and 10

ASC Timetable and Letter Autumn

Football Reward Visit SWFC

KS2 running club

Springvale week 8 newsletter

Year 1 Maths 2017 Powerpoint

Year 1 English 2017 Powerpoint

Springvale week 7 newsletter


Learning Journal Week 6 and 7

Springvale week 6 newsletter

Springvale week 5 newsletter

Headteacher Welcome Presentation

Learning Journal Week 4 and 5

Springvale week 4 newsletter

Cross country letter 2017

Springvale week 3 newsletter-

Springvale week 2 newsletter

Learning Journal Week 2 and 3

Springvale week 1 newsletter 2017- updated

Yearly Planner 2017-18 PARENT VERSION