Welcome to our ‘Letters Home’ section where you will find a copy of all formal school communication in reverse chronological order, if you can’t find what you are looking for please contact our School Office for a copy.

Home School Agreement 2020

Springvale Week 12 Newsletter 2020-21

Springvale Week 11 Newsletter 2020-21

Springvale Week 10 Newsletter 2020-21

Springvale Primary Remote Education Policy Nov 2020

Springvale Covid Risk Assessment (1st September extension) v4


Learning Journal 2020 Autumn 2

Springvale Meals Picture Menus

Picture Menu Jacket Potatoes

Picture Menu Picnic Plate

Springvale Week 9 Newsletter 2020-21

Springvale Primary Remote Education Policy Oct 2020

ISIS Nov 2020- April 2021

Springvale Week 8 Newsletter 2020-21

School Meals Debt September 2020

Springvale Covid Risk Assessment (1st September extension)v3

Behaviour Policy 2020

Springvale Week 7 Newsletter 2020-21

Springvale Week 6 Newsletter 2020-21


Online tips for parents- Online Safety

Games info- online safety

COVID- whole school update 28-9-20

COVID case in Y6 letter 28-9-20

Family Online Safety Agreement 2020

Springvale Week 5 Newsletter 2020-21

Behaviour Policy 2020

Learning Journal 2020 Autumn 1

Springvale Week 4 Newsletter 2020-21 v2

COVID- whole school update 20-9-20

COVID case in Nursery letter 20-9-20

Year 1 Maths 2020

Year 1 English mtg 2020

Online safety advice Sept 2020

Springvale Week 3 Newsletter 2020-21

Springvale Menu V2

Week 2 Springvale Newsletter 2020-21 v2

ASC-Timetable-Autumn-1-2020 with colour coded collection points

Y2 Class Newsletter 2020 Sept


Week 1 Springvale Newsletter 2020-21

Springvale Covid Risk Assessment (1st September extension) v2

END OF TERM Springvale Newsletter 2019-20

Springvale Covid Risk Assessment (1st September extension)

Week 39 Springvale Newsletter 2019-20

Yearly Planner 2020-21 FULL VERSION

Beat the Street Summer Challenge text

DFE Guidance for parents and carers for autumn term 2020

PGS Biometric Scanning

Week 38 Springvale Newsletter 2019-20

Week 37 Springvale Newsletter 2019-20

Transition Newsletter June 2020.docx

Springvale Covid Risk Assessment (website friendly)

Week 36 Springvale Newsletter 2019-20

Event Pack – Barnsley Virtual School Games

TT Rockstars soundcheck letter

PE overview – weekly activities

Springvale Uniform 2020

Week 35 Springvale Newsletter 2019-20

Sex Ed overview 2020

Sexual Education- Y6 June 2020

Barnsley Quiz Final- Remote Version

Quiz Answers

Week 34 Springvale Newsletter 2019-20

Springvale Covid Risk Assessment (1st June extension) GDPR version- parents and website

Week 33 Newsletter- Supporting Pupils to Return to School

COVID school extension plans parent and pupil

COVID home school agreement (PDF)

COVID home school agreement (Editable, Word)

Update to provision from 1st June 2020

Spring Bank Newsletter 2019-20

School based offer- extension plan

Considerations for expanding school based provision May 19th

Week 32 Springvale Newsletter 2019-20

Response to Government Announcement on Schools

Springvale Olympics May 2020

EYFS Update and Consultation May 2020

Spring Bank Provision

Spring Bank Provision Form- editable

Reading Support May 2020

Springvale Staff and Their Pets- results

Week 30 Springvale Newsletter 2019-20

Week 29 Springvale Newsletter 2019-20

Childcare provisions available across Barnsley poster

Week 28 Springvale Newsletter 2019-20


Springvale Easter Part 2 Newsletter 2019-20

Springvale Easter Newsletter 2019-20

Ideas for the Easter holidays- Springvale


Daily Live Activities

Primary resources links


Numbots F2 letter


Springvale Week 27 Newsletter 2019-20

Easter Provision

Easter Provision Form- editable

Springvale Week 26 Newsletter 2019-20

Springvale Week 25 COVID-19 Update 3

Springvale Week 25 London Update

Springvale Week 25 COVID-19 Update 2

Springvale Week 25 COVID-19 Update 1

Springvale Week 25 Newsletter 2019-20

Book Fair Letter

Springvale Week 24 Newsletter 2019-20


School generic schools 05032020

Y3 4 visit Summer Term

Questionnaire–families-2020 RESULTS

Questionnaire-pupils 2020 RESULTS

Springvale Week 23 Newsletter 2019-20


Y1-2 Multi-Sports Competition

Coronavirus Advice

Learning Journal 2019 Week 22-27

Springvale Week 22 Newsletter 2019-20

Books for Breakfast March 2020


Y3-4 Indoor Netball Competition

Y2 SATS Meeting Info

Springvale Week 21 Newsletter 2019-20

ASC-Timetable-Spring 2-2020

Y5-6 Basketball Competition PGS

Springvale Week 20 Newsletter 2019-20

Steps to Secondary

Barnsley Quiz Championships 2020 Letter

Springvale Museum

Springvale Museum Map

Springvale Week 19 Newsletter 2019-20

Height and weight checks Y6

Wonders of the world assembly


Pupil Progress Meetings

Springvale Museum

Springvale Museum Map

T2 Calendar of events P4Sport

Sheffield Sharks KS2

Y1-2 Fundamental Movement Skills Competition

Y5-6 Sports Hall Athletics Competition

Y1-2 Sports Hall Athletics Competition

Springvale Week 18 Newsletter 2019-20

Games info- online safety

Online tips for parents- Online Safety

Springvale Week 17 Newsletter 2019-20

Sheffield Sharks KS2

Springvale Week 16 Newsletter 2019-20

Learning Journal 2019 Week 16-21

Reading books letter to parents

Springvale Week 15 Newsletter 2019-20

ASC-Timetable-Spring 1-2020

Springvale Week 14 Newsletter 2019-20

School Holidays 2019-2021 with INSET

Springvale Week 12 Newsletter 2019-20

Dear Parents Bears Letter

Head Lice

Online Safety Information- Urgent Nov 2019

Christmas Song Sheet

Term 2 Calendar of events P4Sport

Writing Competition Letter

Christmas Choir Events Letter

Y5-6 Fundamental Skills December 2019

Springvale Week 13 Newsletter 2019-20

Springvale Week 11 Newsletter 2019-20

Y3 and 4 Fundamental Movement Skills Competition

Alternative Parents Evening Tips 2019

Springvale Week 10 Newsletter 2019-20

Spelling Frame Letter Y3

Modeshift award letter November 2019

Learning Journal 2019 Week 9-15


Springvale Week 9 Newsletter 2019-20

Y1-2 Multi skills passport

Kings Oak Football

Well-being breakfast 2019

Springvale Week 8 Newsletter 2019-20

KS2 Cross Country Finals 2019

Full Plate- ISS Update

P4sport Letter Y3-4 Football

Springvale Week 7 Newsletter 2019-20

KS1 Family Multi Skills 24.10.19

Behaviour Policy 2019

Springvale Week 6 Newsletter 2019-20

Learning Journal 2019 Week 5-8


Springvale Week 5 Newsletter 2019-20

Football Versus Churchfield Oct 2019

Year 1 English meeting 2019

Year 1 Maths meeting 2019

Risk Assessment P4Sport

Books For Breakfast October 2019

football versus Burton Road Sept 2019

Springvale Week 4 Newsletter 2019-20

Springvale Week 3 Newsletter 2019-20

KS2 Cross Country Sept 2019

Y3 4 Magna trip and workshop

P4sport letter y56 girls football


Yearly Planner 2019-20 FULL VERSION

Springvale Week 2 Newsletter 2019-20


Learning Journal 2019 Week 1-4

Springvale Week 1 Newsletter 2019-20


Springvale End of Year Newsletter 2018-19

Springvale Uniform 2019

School Uniform Order List 2019

School Sports Kit Order List 2019

Springvale Week 39 Newsletter 2018-19

Springvale Week 38 Newsletter 2018-19

Y3 Parent Consultation 16 July

Transition Parents Y5 2018

Parent meeting 2019 Y6

Y3-4 London Visit March 2020

Year 4- parents meeting

Y4 handout

Springvale Week 37 Newsletter 2018-19

Sports Raffle 2019

Air Haus Waiver

Air Haus 2019

Springvale Week 36 Newsletter 2018-19

Music Workshops Letter Y4

Music Workshops Letter Y3

Springvale Week 35 Newsletter 2018-19

Cricket Events

Barnsley Quiz Championships 2019 Letter

Springvale Week 34 Newsletter 2018-19

Y1-2 National Railway Museum

Active Travel Breakfast

Y3 Music Festival


Walking Bus Trial

Springvale World Cup

Learning Journal 2019 Week 33-39

Springvale Week 33 Newsletter 2018-19

Old Moor Trip Letter July 2019

Synagogue Y2 June 2019

Bug Hotel

Letter Fun Run 2019

Lord Mayors’ details

Head Lice Advice

Athletics competition- Y2 highlight

Athletics competition- Y4 highlight

Athletics competition- Y6 highlight

Springvale Week 32 Newsletter 2018-19

Sunscreen Letter 2019

Springvale Week 31 Newsletter 2018-19

Sports Day Response Sheet

Club Activ Flyer Penistone May 2019 digital

Thurgoland SATS Football

Springvale Week 30 Newsletter 2018-19

NSPCC Letter to Parents – Before the Visit Springvale

Learning Journal 2019 Week 29-32

Springvale Week 29 Newsletter 2018-19

Eggucation and Zoolab May 2019 F1

Eggucation and Zoolab May 2019 F2


Springvale Week 28 Newsletter 2018-19

Springvale Week 27 Newsletter 2018-19

Families Go Wild at Cannon Hall amended

Club Activ Square Flyer Penistone To Print

Churchfield Football March

Springvale Week 26 Newsletter 2018-19

Learning Journal 2019 Week 22-25

Springvale Week 25 Newsletter 2018-19

big-pedal-parent-letter (1)

Springvale Week 24 Newsletter 2018-19


ASC-Timetable-Spring 2-2019

Pupil Qu Results 2019


Springvale Week 23 Newsletter 2018-19


Learning Journal 2019 Week 22-25

Springvale Week 22 Newsletter 2018-19

Letter Y4 Sound Project

KS1 SATS Powerpoint- Parent Information

Springvale Week 21 Newsletter 2018-19

Silkstone Football

Springvale Week 20 Newsletter 2018-19

Learning Journal 2019 Week 19-22

Y3 letter for Murton Park Trip

Y3 letter for Moorland Discovery Centre

Y6 SATS presentation

Viking Day Y4

2019 2020 Calendar with INSET

Yearly Planner 2018-19 FULL VERSION

2018-19 Calendar Springvale