Welcome to our policies page!  All of our policies will be reviewed over the period September 2017 to July 2018 and, once ratified by Governors, they will appear here.  If you would like a copy of a policy not listed here please contact the School Office.  The policies in bold have been agreed through a period of consultation between pupils, parents, staff and Governors.  The highlighted text at the side of each policy gives an indication of when it will next be reviewed with red due to be renewed very soon, amber in the near future and green are not due for review.

Aims of Springvale Primary 2017 Review by Autumn 2020

Allegations of Abuse against Staff and Whistleblowing 2018 Review by Spring 2021

Appraisal Policy 2017 Review by Autumn 2020

Assessment Policy 2017 Review by Autumn 2020

Behaviour Policy 2017  Review by Autumn 2018

Behaviour Systems 2017 Review by Autumn 2018

eSafety Policy 2018  Review by Spring 2021

Healthy Eating Statement Review by Spring 2021

Inclusion Policy 2018 Review by Summer 2021

Intimate Care Policy 2018 Review by Summer 2021

Looked After Children 2017 Review by Autumn 2020

Managing Sickness Policy 2018 Review by Spring 2021

Missing Child Policy 2018 Review by Summer 2021

Pay Policy 2017 Review by Autumn 2020

PHSE Policy 2017 Review by Autumn 2020

Pupil Premium Policy 2018  Review by Spring 2021

Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct 2018 Review by Spring 2021

School Offer SEND 2018 Review by Summer 2021

Staff Code of Conduct 2018 Review by Spring 2021

Sunscreen Policy 2018 Review by Summer 2021

Volunteer Policy 2017 Review by Autumn 2020